Finally! Mom Time!!

>> Oct 29, 2013

I finally am getting those riding lessons starting today, in about an hour actually. My husband gave me five lessons for my birthday so now I can get some riding in before winter hits on my horse. Yes!! So cool.

It's been so long. I'll probably have to relearn everything and shoo the spiders out of my saddle.


Riding Lessons Start Soon!

>> Mar 11, 2013

Well, I think it is official.  My teenage daughter lost interest in her horse.  She hasn't wanted to ride in quite some time.  She is interested in cheerleading and  boys (wish she paid more attention to her grades and less on the boys). She doesn't want to give the horse up but she doesn't want to spend the time either.

So, we fixed it.  My two youngest daughters will start riding lessons this spring on their sister's horse:)


Deck Maintenance

>> Apr 4, 2012

I have spent the last two days cleaning the green off my deck.  How gross.  I have it almost where I need it to stain it but I have to get the algae completely off.  I want my husband to check all the nails, screws, and the lag screws he and his dad used when they built it to make sure all is sound (should be since it is only a few years old but seeing how the deck is raised halfway up my house...better to be safe than sorry).

My mother-in-law says not to use stain because it gets slippery.  If not stain, then what?


Good Lawn Mower Model?

I am looking for a good riding lawn mower for sale - used or new...just has to run well and not break the bank.  I see ads for bobcats for sale but not a lot of riding lawn mowers.  What is a good name and model? Right now, we pay somebody to cut our lawn and I think it'd save us money in the long run just to do it ourselves.  It's getting expensive - especially with gas prices going up so high.  The lawn prices keep going up.


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